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  • Shou Sugi Ban Wood Care | Nutty's Emporium

    How To Care For Your Shou Sugi Ban Keep out of Direct Sunlight to avoid sun bleaching. ​ Try not to get the product wet. ​ Tealights should sit proud of the hole. ​ If the dye leaks onto your skin wash with soap and it will eventually come off. I use a non toxic dye that shouldn't irritate the skin. ​ I use a toy safe finish which shouldn't irritate the skin. Subscribe to Our Monthly Newsletter Enter your email here Sign Up Thanks for your interest in Nutty's Emporium

  • Shou Sugi Ban | Nutty's Emporium

    What is Shou Sugi Ban? Shou sugi ban is a time-honored Japanese wood finishing technique that involves charring the surface of the wood to create a distinctive texture and color. The process entails burning the wood, followed by brushing off the charred layer to reveal the wood's natural grain. This technique has been utilized for centuries to safeguard wood from weather, insects, and fire, and has recently gained traction in contemporary architecture and design. Subscribe to Our Monthly Newsletter Enter your email here Sign Up Thanks for your interest in Nutty's Emporium

  • About Us | Nutty's Emporium

    The Story So Far Started in 2018 by myself, Lee (The handsome chap in the picture), Nutty's Emporium was stemmed from a nickname I was given by my grandmother who named me Nutty after some rather energetic and strange behavior as a kid. Most of my working life has been within the retail and customer services industry, specializing in furniture, jewellery and watches. I have worked in a few high end furniture and jewellery shops around the UK as well as onboard cruise ships where I got to travel the world whilst selling high end jewellery and watches. This was an amazing time in my life as I love to travel and see different places. ​ Eventually I settled down in my hometown in the Derbyshire Dales and decided to open my own retail business. The inspiration was to sell products related to my travels as well as incorporating my love for Christmas and traditional handmade quirky products. This is when I brought Nutty's Emporium to life. ​ Although I have always sold handmade items from various places I have evolved the business to start creating some of my own products to stand alongside the handmade products from elsewhere. I studied the art of Shou Sugi Ban and thought it was an interesting and attractive method of displaying the natural characteristics of wood and have enjoyed creating a range of gifts that are unique and fun. The Mission My idea has always been to create a gift and Christmas Emporium, selling wonderful products that are an alternative to the main stream items found on the High Street. I really enjoy making my own creations and along with the products I will source from around the world I aim to create a wonder emporium that is traditional, handmade and interesting. (Maybe I could even combine my love for travel and finding great products) ​ The Vision ​I want to create my wonder emporium in a way that helps others and give back to my local community. Where I can I source my material locally and from small businesses, I also support local charities where I can and plan to a lot more in the future. ​ ​​ I have always wanted Nutty's Emporium to be a family business, I have already trained my niece, Poppy (In the picture), in the art of Shou Sugi Ban and she enjoys helping me create the products until she goes to university in September. My dad helps me with website orders and my sister has helped develop some of my design ideas. I enjoy working with my family and hope this becomes a tradition going forward. ​​ I am thoroughly enjoying designing and creating my new products and hope you like them too. There will be a lot more coming soon, so feel free to follow Nutty's Emporium on Facebook or Instagram or sign up to my monthly newsletter. Subscribe to Our Monthly Newsletter Enter your email here Sign Up Thanks for your interest in Nutty's Emporium

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